Tom Moberg, Clock Glass Painter

Discussion in 'Reverse Glass and Dial Painting' started by George Nelson, Jun 25, 2017.

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Hello Friends!

    I just got off the phone with Tom Moberg, the exceedingly well known clock glass painter. He is such a nice guy to talk to, and, as everyone knows, is the 'go-to' artist for reverse glass paintiing and restoration. Over the years, he has done several pieces for me, all of which have held up well and are completely historically and stylistically correct.

    We had a really nice conversation, and discussed many of the truly stellar projects he has worked on. His resume' is impeccable, of course, and he has most certainly left his mark on the clock collecting world. We shared our love of sitting under a tin roof in the rain, the peace a quiet of having a dedicated workspace to call your own, and the true joy of collecting clocks. It was a great talk!

    Like all of us, he is concerned about the rather dramatic drop in antique clock prices, which has pretty much bitten us all in the sitting apparatus. However, like me and many others, he collects for the joy of it and not as a retirement nest egg. He reports that his collection includes over 400 clocks at present, none of which are gaining in value. However, I can only imagine and lust after what must be in that collection!

    Speaking of retirement, we now get to the point of my posting. Mr. Moberg reports that he will be retiring soon! This will be a HUGE loss to our collecting community. I tell you this so that if you are contemplating having Tom do any work for you, now is the time. His work is reasonably priced (PM me if you have questions about what I have paid for his work) and currently he can usually offer your glass in as little as a month.
    Remember, gold leafing and paint take time to dry properly-you don't want a 'sticky' painting shipped to you with 'stuff' stuck to the back, do you? Tom told me that he has been at work since 1970; I ordered my first glass from him in 1978, and it still looks as good now as the day I received it in the mail.

    Tom has a huge collection of original images to use as references. He immediately knew what glass I needed, the proper border, image and pendulum bob opening location. He reports that his supply of genuine, old glass is exhausted at this point, so, if you are contemplating an order from him, please plan to supply your own glass.

    Along with Tom, I have also had amazing work performed by Lee Davis, one of the other 'biggies' in the clock glass restoration field. His work, while similarly priced with Tom's work, will take a bit longer as he has a considerable backlog. I can certainly highly recommend Lee's work as well, as he has done many pieces and restoration jobs for me as well as has Tom. Lee is quite active with our NAWCC, teaching reverse painting classes, seminars and the like. Lee is also an avid collector, and hosts classes other that painting as well. Both Tom and Lee have been a true gift to us all, and I personally treasure their contributions to my modest collection.

    For your convenience, here are the artists' contact information. Tom uses telephone or snail mail communication only, while Lee has e-mail capability. I also include contact info for Linda Abrams, another highly recommended artist who has done work for me. She also is hugely experienced and quite prolific. Her lead times, at least when she has done work for me, have been the shortest of all. As an aside, she also works in the dog rescue world, another thing near and dear to my heart...

    Tom Moberg: Telephone him at 1-989-723-3112. Tom lives in Michigan.

    Lee Davis: E-mail him at:

    Linda Abrams: e-mail Snail Mail: 54 Fuller Street, Waltham MA 02453. Phone: 1-781-647-0627. You can send Linda a SASE for a nice full color brochure depicting examples of her work.

    My best to all,

    George Nelson
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