TimeTalks: The Internet Made James Bond Watches Collectible

Gene Klodzen

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Aug 24, 2000
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COLUMBIA, PA: Who can remember when we had to wait until after a new movie came out to find out what kind of wristwatch James Bond was wearing? When the only way to figure out how to set your watch after you lost the instructions was to write a letter to the manufacturer to request that they mail you a duplicate? Or a motion picture where no one in production even bothered to identify the 007 watchmaker—as was the case withYou Only Live Twice in 1967?

In the next presentation of TIMEtalks at 11 a.m. on Saturday, November 18, at the National Watch & Clock Museum, author and presenter Dell Deaton will substantiate the argument that it was the Internet that uniquely made James Bond watches collectible and will then take a close look at what that collectibility actually means. Deaton will unpack what the organization and availability of watches through marketplaces, such as Amazon or eBay,have come to mean in terms of typical downward pricing pressures due to commoditization. Also included will be a look at how the social aspect of influential online channels have introduced and perpetuated an emotional component that drives premium pricing.

Deaton shares, “During TIMEtalks, we will challenge the generally held notion of the Web as an environment that empowers the consumer and topples the absolute control over information spin historically held so tightly by sellers. Are we honestly expected to accept the assertion that James Bond’s current watchmaker has simply surrendered its positioning destiny to the Internet masses? That James Bond’s legacy watchmakers have no plan or vested interest in keeping us reminded of their prowess from the days when Sean Connery and Roger Moore carried the Walther PPK?”

Finally, Deaton’s presentation will explore recently published correspondence in which Ian Fleming found himself at the center of in the mid-1950s. It serves as a remarkable metaphor in assessing the ostensibly democratic and unbiased online resources that buyers are encouraged to rely on to make their James Bond watch purchase decisions.

Dell Deaton is author–creator of JamesBondWatches.com and related sites, launched in 2006. He is a widely published expert on this niche subject, having done original research that documented the discovery of numerous 007 wristwatches from both the movies and literature. Most notably, he is credited as the first to identify the original Ian Fleming literary Bond watch. Deaton has curated James Bond watch exhibits for the National Watch & Clock Museum since 2010 and is currently responsible for the James Bond Wore the Quartz Revolution gallery opened in 2015.

TIMEtalks is a complimentary educational program that will continue every other month.

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