2019 NAWCC Museum "Timeless Testaments" Civil War Watch Exhibit & Seminar in Columbia

Discussion in 'NAWCC Events' started by Clint Geller, Jun 1, 2019.

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    CivilWarWatchesProgram.pdf I decided to start a new thread for this, so the important announcements and links are not buried several posts deep in an old thread.

    The special six-month exhibit: "Timeless Testaments: Civil War Watches and the Men Who Carried Them," will open at the NAWCC Museum in Columbia on Saturday July 6, 2019. The exhibit will feature 18 watches with Civil War provenances, together with a selection of other both typical and extraordinary watches of the Civil War period and other outstanding artifacts. The exhibit draws from four museums and ten private collections. Extensive print signage and a touchscreen offering 27 narrated, self-guided slide presentations provide context about the watches, the owners, the units in which they served, and some of the battles in which they fought.

    The exhibit will also feature an author book signing for the new NAWCC publication: The Appreciation and Authentication of Civil War Timepieces, by myself. The book went to the printer two days ago. NAWCC members will be eligible for a discounted purchase price during the first month after release. Both hard and soft cover editions, as well as an ebook version, will be available.

    On opening day we will kick off the new exhibit with a seminar featuring four speakers, a lunch, and an open discussion. The Timeless Testaments seminar program is attached. We are grateful for the support of Jones & Horan Auctioners as a proud sponsor of our exhibit and seminar. Below are the links to the NAWCC Timeless Testaments Seminar announcement, and to the registration portal. Registration is $20 in advance (through the portal), or $25 at the door.

    Seminar Announcement:


    Registration Portal:

    Timeless Testaments: Civil War Watches and the Men Who Carried Them - Kickoff Seminar

    Kindly help spread the word about these events.

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