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Discussion in 'Horological Misc' started by Tim Orr, Oct 24, 2018.

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  1. Tim Orr

    Tim Orr National Membership Chair
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    Sep 27, 2008
    95% retired from the ad business.
    Boulder CO
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    Good evening, all!

    I bought this poster a while back, because I have an interest in all things related to time zones and time changes. This is 27"x40", a size referred to as a "1-Sheet," which is and was the standard size for posters in movie theater lobbies – even today. Sorry I was too lazy to remove it from the frame before taking the pic!

    After WWII, many advertisers made these kinds of posters for theaters. Daylight Saving Time was still a hot topic, with many people still against it. Some religious folks considered it "unnatural" and "unGodly." As we know, both Indiana and Arizona refuse to use it, and there's a lot of scientific talk to the effect that the benefits are not very great after all.

    I remember also seeing posters in local movie theaters threatening that the TV networks were going to force us all to accept "Pay TV." Of course, something like 90 percent of us have that now, because we pay a cable or satellite bill every month.

    I think it's interesting that the headline is "Don't let them turn BACK the clock." When we go on Daylight Saving Time, we turn the clock FORWARD, not BACK. But I guess "Don't let them turn the clock forward" would not have been a very exciting headline.

    Best regards!

    Tim Orr

  2. Tom McIntyre

    Tom McIntyre Technical Admin
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    Aug 24, 2000
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    I remember reading a humorous complaint from "The Old Farmer" in a Texas newspaper about 50 years ago.

    It was along the lines of "I can get used to it and the cows seem to be getting the hang of it, but all that extra sunlight is killing my crops!"
  3. wow

    wow Registered User
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    Jun 24, 2008
    Retired Music Minister
    Pineville, La. (central La.)
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    I read something years ago that said daylight savings is like the old American Indian who cut off one end of his blanket and sewed it on the other end to make the blanket longer.
  4. roughbarked

    roughbarked Registered User

    Dec 2, 2016
    Western NSW, Australia
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    Good analogy.
    Pointless activity for the sake of nothing better to do.
  5. rrstd

    rrstd Director
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    Feb 18, 2001
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    Great poster!
  6. bangster

    bangster Moderator
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    Jan 1, 2005
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    Hey! My evening sunlight just went away! What happened?:rolleyes:

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