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Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Aug 28, 2016.

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  1. dweiss17

    dweiss17 Registered User
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    Aug 1, 2006
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    Philadelphia, PA
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    As much as I tried, I cannot get myself and my ancient brain to build myself a website where I can post photos and wording that would work as a place to receive and send photos and text.

    Friends on this NAWCC spent time and forwarded emails to me on, "how to do" what I cannot get through this old brain. Yet, I do much on a computer that makes this [oldster] proud of what he has done in past years. Somehow this website stuff has me going around in circles I never knew existed.

    I found something, a website, called [tumblr] that I had a tiny bit of success with and was able to post something called Daniels Website and was rewarded with a picture showing my beautiful feline Johnnie II; one short page of text, and one page featuring the cover of the 2013 NAWCC spiral Desk Calendar.

    Next I tried to post the (attached) picture of a very scarce Howard pocket watch named the Coles Escapement. I could not do it; the functioning material in my brain just would not work and let me do what I wanted to do. Hitting a roadblock, I gave up and relieved my mind of this failure. I was not going to drive myself cuckoo with this website that had allowed me to post the three successes I had earlier.

    Maybe some erudite NAWCC member will post me on how to carry on with tumblr. If not, I'm content with what I was able to do until now. My life will still go on.

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  2. Kevin W.

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    Apr 11, 2002
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    Dan great looking watch. One thing I would do, is watermark your pictures you post, they are your property. In most cases.
  3. Ticktinker

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    Jul 7, 2015
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    You probably need to study about what format photos need to be to go into the web page, or if it is a sizing conflict.
    If it is a size conflict, open the photo in the folder were you have it on your home computer.
    Then set the size as dictated by the web site, (for example 235 X 420 Pixels)and save the changes with a new name to show you it is for site use... (so you can find it easy later) The place where you want to post your photo may not be sized large enough, check that out. If you need to change a photo format, often you can right click, and choose save as, and find an option, JPG, GIF, ...
    Often photos can be GIF yours seems to be JPG presently.
    I hope this leads you in the right direction, I am no expert, but willing to help...

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