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Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Jul 9, 2016.

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  1. dweiss17

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    It is a little past noon Saturday, July 9[SUP]th[/SUP], as I sit down to write myself a letter of accomplishment, with both my knees, that at my current age, are in terrible shape; having lost the cartilage between the knee joints that prevents them from rubbing together and making you feel almost worthless as a human being.

    This past Wednesday, I had the third injection of Hyalgan that supposedly should help prevent the knee joints from rubbing together as you stand or walk. Two more weekly injections to go. Hoping for the miracle of relief, for up to six months. I'd be very happy with even three to four months of feeling better.

    Thankfully, while humid, this morning I found the temperature about 85° and somewhat cooler than yesterday's 95°. So with transversing 2 landings and about 13 steps carefully with my cane, and using the walker I keep on the ground floor, I walked to the front door, clicked open the garage door and got into my car to go and do what I had to do in order to live a more normal life.

    My first stop was to get some foodstuffs I needed in the house, that done; my next stop was Sears…I needed new sandals - I wear year round, in order not to wear shoes that would put pressure on my toes as I tried walking with the use of my walker. Getting to the Sears car lot was relatively simple, sitting in my car as I drive, I have no knee pain. Having only one entrance to the store, the shoe department was on the far side of the entrance, so I had a long walk to that department. In my past years [possibly 20 years ago] Sears had many employees to service their customers; today…it's frightening that such a large entity can have so few employees to aid those that may need help or information to get around the store. I add getting and paying for the Sandals was no picnic.

    All in all…thinking back to my errands with two bum knees, today, I accomplished much.

  2. David S

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    First I think you have done very well indeed.

    Second I truly hope the injections will give you some relief. I remember the days before I had my hips replaced.

    And finally it is tragic to see an old icon like Sears spiral down the tubes. Used to be so proud to own Craftsman tools. Kenmore appliances. They had an excellent service department and stocked all sorts of replacement parts. Here in Canada they are barely hanging in.

    To you continued good health,

  3. RL

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    I think you can write that one up as a pretty successful day indeed.

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