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Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Jun 5, 2012.

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    NAWCC Chapter 190 of Ventura, CA sends out monthly a Newsletter, full of interesting horological matter, that reaches 600 people, and many hundreds more through another source on the Internet. It’s been said by others in the know…in future years our West Coast Chapters will attract more membership through growth than any of our present Chapters. As one person, experiencing the friendship and communications of their members in this horological association, I have no doubt the future bodes well for our West Coast NAWCC Chapter members.

    One interesting part of their Newsletter (monthly) is that it features the BIO of one of their Chapter members.

    Recently, asked to submit mine for a future Newsletter, with trepidation, I hope, I did no go overboard in presenting it here.

    Should you care to give a look at this fine Newsletter…GOOGLE Chrono Times

    The BIO

    As a life-long resident of Philadelphia going into my 97[SUP]th[/SUP] year, I am the last on eight sons. One sister remains going onto her 94[SUP]th[/SUP] year. In my younger years, I started running errands for the print shop across the street of our home and naturally, and in those early years I gravitated to the Graphic Arts Industry. In always trying to learn more about this intriguing industry, I went from job to job, never being laid off from any of them. Fast forward to the early 1960’s. My employer’s brother showed me a picture in a Woodworkers Magazine of a homemade English Bracket Clock and asked if I could build one similar; little did I realize that picture would lead me into my 47[SUP]th[/SUP] year as an NAWCC member #8331 of Chapter #1 and later as a member of a number of other Chapters.

    Evelyn and I were married May 22. 1959 and it thrived until Evelyn passed away on May 8, 1997, two weeks short of 39 years of marriage. It was a good, happy marriage; we had no children…but we had a china calico cat and a china floppy-eared dog sharing the living room. In one of our many travels, we picked up a doorstop, a cast iron black and white bulldog that stands alongside the door to little den room.

    The house, after her passing, echoed with emptiness and loneliness for about 6-7 months until I adopted two adorable cats. The tortoiseshell, I named Frankie Weiss, the tabby was named Johnnie. Both were females and I became a father, a Mr. Mom at age near to 83. Through a mishap in the NAWCC, rules about Associate family NAWCC members Frankie Weiss became the only non-human member #167825 ever in the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors rolls. She was also the focus of a book “Frankie Weiss and Her Magic, six years in the making.” Never
    in actual print, it was published along with many short stories on three continents through the Internet.

    My many years in this horological adventure started as a person building and hearing the tic and tock of a clock. I had found an interest that involved both my wife and me. Over the years, this collecting of clocks became overwhelming and many were sold, with a few saved for our home. As mentioned in the first paragraph above, I built five Bracket clocks. Four were given to family and extended family members. Funny, two of these clocks are in San Diego and Carmichael, CA. While at the Pasadena June Convention, I will have no time to visit either of the clocks. Time does not permit. I built five Grandmother Clocks following the Bracket clocks. Sold three, one, the first one, is in my living room, the last Grandmother clock that was on the ground floor for many years (not quiet finished with the backing) I gave to my good friend and super watch mechanic Bruce Aldo of Sun City, AZ. I may have neglected to say while I still have the horologic passion; I started getting rid of the collection; it was just too much and my heirs would have no interest in these things…excepting some of the clocks, the pocket watches to them would be passé.

    Along, with my many, happy and fruitful years in the NAWCC, I collected innumerable friends, sadly many of whom are no longer with us. Since I had sold many of the clocks, my interest turned to pocket watches…along the way…I discovered some rarities and wrote stories about them as well as about the clocks. A number of these stories are in the NAWCC Member News and Views “The dreamer in me lives on” archives and other sites no longer connected to the NAWCC Chapter membership.

    Finally, I am responsible for Stuttering Awareness Week, celebrated the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] week of May each year. Signed into law by President Reagan in 1988. (It is far too long a story to go into details here.) The NAWCC Plaque honoring our 52 Founders, dated November7, 1943, now hangs on the Museum walls, as will the Plaque honoring our (about 120) 50-year members that is now being worked on, as I write this piece at the request of Chapter 190. The NAWCC Calendar Timepieces from our NAWCC Membership was another brainchild of mine, which is totally produced by me, and sold to NAWCC members and to Museum Gift Store visitors, with the monies from all sales going to helping our NAWCC funding.

    I would be remiss if I did not say, “After marrying Evelyn, the best thing I ever accomplished in my long life was adopting the three cats that helped me through the dark days after Evelyn’s loss to dementia.” The love of these wonderful and furry four-legged animals was and is unrestricted. While only Johnnie II remains to see me through each day now…not another day goes by that somehow in looking at their photos all over the house…I stop to think…that perhaps my greatest accomplishment (after marrying Evelyn) was adopting Frankie Weiss, Johnnie #1 and Johnnie II…and their adopting me!

    I then smile, in realization, of the unbreakable bond between animal and human. Where would I be today…without these wonderful memories and my beautiful and loving Johnnie II jumping to my lap in wanting my company?
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