The changing seasons

Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Nov 6, 2015.

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  1. dweiss17

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    Getting in my car, I drove through the half mile of greenery (that today looks so sad and melancholy) to my favorite restaurant and waitress and had my brunch (omega 3). After that, I drove to the post office and mailed three of the 2017 NAWCC Calendars to the gentlemen in California: one who owned the wonderful and rare clocks pictured in this best ever calendar, the other two who were responsible for the photos and photoshoping where needed.

    On my drive back home, I could not help feel that soon all that greenery will turn to a barren landscape devoid of green bushes and trees laden with leaves turning to various colors that still brings a little beauty to the eye. Yet, it reminds one of the harsh winter ahead. However, as one who experiences the four seasons on the East Coast…the loss of the greenery speaks of the mystery of life…its passing and rebirth, as we go about our daily lives in the pursuit of living one day at a time.

    We who are retired from the workforce and do not have to go out daily in the chore to earn a living have the choice to stay home; often in a warm cozy house, surrounded by the things and personal treasures that keep us happy and contented. In my case, watches and clocks, books by writers, many times more adept (than I, or us) at using the words that create great literature and the immense interest in reading their prose. As we read these books, articles or columns by these erudite writers, often, what we read enables us to improve our thoughts, our lives and our mind set.

    Still in our contentment, I have not spoken of the pets, animals, canine or feline, dogs or cats that keep people like me who live a solitary life without another human to share the home. These pets that comfort and keep us well in spirit and often in mental health are very much a part of the human scene every human being at one time or another experiences.
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    You would not know we are in Canada in November, it,s been t shirt and shorts weather lately. No complaints, enjoying my 3 day weekends off work.

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