The bond is unbreakable

Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Jul 25, 2013.

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    It’s 5:23 AM and I awaken from a nights sleep with the TV still on; I have a “sleep” button on the remote, but forget to use it. With my eyes full of sleep, I look over my left shoulder and see my beautiful and loving feline Johnnie II sound asleep in her world of dreams. You know...cats and dogs do dream? I could see her left rear leg moving ever so slightly...she is dreaming about something I will never have a clue about. Her body is resting on my canvas and Velcro watch case. Before she took it over as a sleeping and resting place, I put a couple of bed quilts inside the case to keep her from sinking into an empty case with her body weight.

    In about 15-16 years of having these wonderful, loving creatures as my home companions, I have learned some cats are more loving than others. Some are smarter than others, and still others march to their own drummers. Frankie Weiss and the first Johnnie were two smart felines, they controlled the household and would poke their noses into every thing I did. Bringing home packages from shopping, they had to see what was inside the bags, when the front bell rang; they were on guard...who is ringing their house bell. While Johnnie played second fiddle to Frankie Weiss and would follow Frankie’s lead...she still had her foibles...I would call out Johnnie come here, she would rush to my side. When both cats were still in this world, Frankie Weiss would crawl under the sheets and sleep tight against my legs, more than once I woke up with an aching back...caused by Frankie Weiss and her desire to be close to me. Johnnie would plunk her rear next to me on top of the sheet or quilt and go into her catnapping phase.

    Above, I said both cats Frankie Weiss and Johnnie, were smart felines, even less than one month with me...when I put on a jacket to go outside, both cats would rush before me to go downstairs to the ground floor to see me off...when I came home, clicking open the garage door they’d rush downstairs to greet me. As beautiful as Johnnie II is...I think she was behind the door when cat brains were passed took her about three years to realize when the garage door was opening up...I was coming home and she’d rush to greet me on the ground floor with a cat chirp and I would have to touch her pretty head.

    Even learn each cat is an individual and each have their own way to do things to please you as their showing you their appreciation for what and who you are. The bond between either canine or feline and their human counterparts is truly remarkable.

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