The benevolence of nature

Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Jul 28, 2016.

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    Drove through the wonderland of greenery this morning…Krewstown Road…this half mile of forestry has trillions of bright green leaves covering all the 100's of trees. In the wintertime…it reveals the barebones of the trees like an X-ray of the bones in a human body.

    I have often thought to take a camera with me when I drive through that area; so far I have not done so…too many cars are coming and going in both directions. It even has a church and cemetery that I am sure goes back a long, long way.

    To think this maze of trees and some bushes with some wild flowers prospers in an area paved with asphalt or whatever our city streets are made of…is a sight for the city dweller who sees nothing bur paved streets that hold the blistering heat as the sun shines down upon them.

    For the past three weeks we've had nothing but temperatures well above 90° and tomorrow comes some relief with a temperature for the next three days in the low or mid 80's. Held off a couple errands until tomorrow, much less heat and humidity, it will be 82° tomorrow.

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