The Adams & Perry saga continues

Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Mar 28, 2016.

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    No matter what other certain NAWCC members may say…I claim responsibility for starting the Adams & Perry saga that to date has about 33,000 hits and quite a few replies. In fact, one NAWCC member was put on notice not to try to insult me again.

    January 19, 2008…I published a story about finding a broken down watch in the basement of a store in Philadelphia, this store was the last of about six [6] other stores had closed their doors
    after years of serving the pocket watch industry in Philadelphia. The pocket watch was passé. This was the start of the saga of Adams & Perry watches, serial numbers, and subsequent pocket watches using the material left over by other companies that followed in the same building…after the Adams & Perry Watch Manufacturing Co. went bust.

    Charles Crossman, a horologic historian of the early years, did report one watch was completed by the A&P Co. That was true; however other watches using A&P material have come to light over the last 140 years after the A&P closing. Seems the Lancaster Watch Co. finished nearly all that are extant. Possibly two or more were completed by the Keystone Watch Co. - they followed in the Lancaster Watch Co. wake.

    For those interested in this well-researched A&P pocket watch saga…hopefully, in future months to come, another well-respected collector…may publish a story about a timepiece that had its beginnings at the A&P factory, and everything that went into its restoration to a thing of beauty and well-worth the appellation pocket watch.

    Should you care to read two stories about A&P watches #1585 and #1448…please go to the internet, type in…story of A&P #1585…it will lead you to both published stories.

    Artists rendition of the original building [1874-1875] below…today it is restored and houses upscale livable apartments and condos.


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