The 50-Year NAWCC Membership Plaques

Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Mar 3, 2013.

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    This morning I opened my computer and looked at the number of hits on the 50-Year Membership Plaques. At the left side of the screen, I was surprised to see a star symbol that if clicked upon...asks...what you think of Markus Harris’s reputation.

    Markus is our NAWCC Communication Director and is a stalwart aide to the entire workings of our home office base. He is devoted to the NAWCC and from my personal experiences with a complete gentleman in and out of office.

    Tomorrow makes one month since the 50-Year Membership Plaques were posted. Today, it has 514 hits, which equals about 17 hits a day. It can be seen by anyone who opens that thread.

    These Plaques were long overdue in honoring our 50-year members of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. It took a trio of NAWCC members to see the Plaques come to fruition...the idea came from Dan Weiss...the skillful set up and wording came from Maynard Dean...the idea (saving much expense) for Virtual Plaques came from Frank DelGreco. It took much research by the office staff, and the tremendous cooperation of Markus Harris, to see these wonderful Plaques honoring our 50-year members finally posted after two years and three months of effort. Each year as other members reach that enviable milestone, their names shall be enshrined to that list. In most, if not practically all cases, these members spent more than half their lifetime in the service of our National Association of Watch and Collectors.

    To most NAWCC members...the Plaques could be just names who spent 50 or more years in the membership of the NAWCC. At my present age, I am fortunate to have known some of the members listed. The first and sixth names on that list were members I knew and broke bread with (and perhaps with others) at the Engineer’s Club in center city Philadelphia...I became a member in 1964.
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    Thanks, Dan! I appreciate your kind words.

    By now I'm sure you know that the MB crew is testing a new "reputation" module on here. But that doesn't lessen my gratitude for your excellent endorsement one bit.



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