The 50 Year Golden Circle Award Certificate should be revised

Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Jul 1, 2015.

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  1. dweiss17

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    As a 50-year member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, today, I received by mail a Certificate honoring me as a member of the Golden Circle (this is a group of NAWCC members who have achieved a 50 year membership in the NAWCC.)

    While I was very pleased to receive the Certificate, after spending a lifetime in the Graphic Arts industry,
    the formation of the Certificate (layout and makeup) did not sit too well with my years in the industry. It may have been created some years ago by a person who had little skill in formulating a document (Certificate) that would make the person receiving it proud to frame and hang it up as a part of his life as a member in this worldwide famous Horologic society.

    The accompanying letter also was a stock form sent to all recipients of this Golden Circle award. Your name and date being added as needed after 50 years of service to the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. The letter also has to be updated, it speaks that the Association has grown from 1000 in 1952 to 17,000 today. (We have about 14,000 NAWCC members as of this date.) It also speaks about a Golden Circle membership card and a special lapel pin that was not included with the letter and award Certificate.

    Do not get me wrong…I cherish this Honor. What bothers me is that the Certificate has not been updated to reflect our progress over the years of our existence as a horologic enterprise. I must assume it was first (possibly) presented back in the year 1994 or later after the Golden Circle award was first conceived. The time has come for this wonderful Golden Circle award to be updated; the wording not to be changed, but the style and layout should reflect in a manner that the person viewing it can appreciate the significance of this exceptional award to the recipient.

    Knowing our readers can only go by my thoughts expressed here, if necessary I can copy and post the
    Certificate here. However, I hope the "powers that be" would allow me to present an updated version of this Golden Circle award that would please the viewer and use it for future 50-year NAWCC members who will receive this much coveted award.
  2. John Hubby

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    Dan, send your proposal to Jim Gilmore, Chair of the Awards Committee, and also to Pam Lindenberger of Membership Services who is responsible for sending the certificates and awards. Also copy to Markus Harris.

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