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Discussion in 'wiki development.' started by kirxklox, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. kirxklox

    kirxklox Registered User

    Dec 17, 2002
    Dardanell, AR
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    Tag teaming is unacceptable. Posting comments agreeing with someone will be considered Tag Teaming. Your Ideas and Opinions are welcome, but lets make sure you have something positive to contribute. There are means at starting POLLS, but the Comments are is reserved for real discussion.

    If it is determined that a group is Tag Teaming that group will be placed on Moderation until the Admin can solve the problem.
  2. harold bain

    harold bain Forums Administrator
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    Nov 4, 2002
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    Sam, sounds like a separate forum is needed for discussion of Wiki articles, before posting any corrections or disputes of information, with the moderator's opinion the final say.
  3. Ray Fanchamps

    Ray Fanchamps Deceased

    Aug 24, 2000
    N'er do well......
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    Harold and interested others.

    We are working on better supporting the wiki by appointing an administrator and working group to cover wiki development and user/content operations.
    Those who are interested in helping with this development work please stay tuned. Details are being worked out as we speak.

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