Clock T Hudson, twin train fusee convex dial

Discussion in 'Highlights' started by novicetimekeeper, Feb 21, 2020.

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    Again the London buses thing, but this time I bought it. This, then, is my second twin fusee dial clock. Not such a famous name as my Dwerrihouse, but in style this is an earlier clock. It doesn't have a bell, and appears to have had a poor dial repaint. However it has a convex dial and knopped pillars. Unusually it has a flat top case, and the good thing about that is that as a 12" dial it will go above one of our doors.

    THudson 8.JPG THudson 7.JPG THudson 6.JPG THudson 5.JPG THudson 4.JPG THudson 3.jpg THudson 2.jpg THudson 1.jpg
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