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Eureka Strange Eureka Clock Modification

D. Wright

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Sep 25, 2015
Oceanside, CA
I just acquired my first Eureka Electro Magnetic! It's running good and I'm learning more about its design. However this one has a strange modification that I have not found on any Eureka. I believe this to be a German made version of the Eureka. There are no marking except for the A - R on the speed control. It's seems someone built a backing plate for the face that has multiple tiny clips on it. My assumptions are: Its a modern addition as these clips do not look circa 1910. The clips may have been used to attach a paper ring around the face for advertising purposes. The problem is that at each clip a notch was cut from the brass frame. I'm considering removing the modification but will be left with a notched face frame unless I can replace it. What are your thoughts on how I should proceed with this and have you ever seen this before. Maybe is a common thing that I am not aware of.

IMG_20180213_065318.jpg IMG_20180213_065327.jpg IMG_20180213_065344.jpg IMG_20180213_065356.jpg


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Jun 24, 2011
El Dorado, CA
I'd guess it was for scheduling or record keeping with small notes held by the clips.

John Hubby

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Sep 7, 2000
The Woodlands, TX
You definitely have one of the German Eurekas, but I've not seen that modification on the dial before. No idea what was intended there.

Removal of the clips would be easy enough, appears they are soldered to the dial plate. However, repair of the bezel is problematic. I might try making a ring using a strip of thin brass the same width as the bezel (or slightly narrower), that would be soldered at the ends to provide an interference fit. The solder joint forming the ring would be placed at the bottom of the bezel so it shouldn't be objectionable.

James McDermaid

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Apr 29, 2011
Being kind of an original'ist (is that a real word?) I would get rid of the clips myself.

If they are soft soldered on, you can buff that solder off if you can get it to a wheel.

Buffing can be fun when the wheel grabs the part and puts it into orbit.

Maybe add a brass band on the ring to hide the notches as John suggests.

Look for junk parts, I think the German version is about as scarce as the original.

And remember we do this for fun and adventure.