Stolen Seth Thomas Ships Clock

Steven Haverty

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Mar 31, 2010
In search of a brass Seth Thomas ships clock in a red brass case modified with a key holder from a former steam gauge case. The clock was stolen out of my storage unit recently, exact date unknown as I do not know when the unit was robbed, however it was placed for sale on Craigslist back in February in Minnesota at which time I found it by searching myself. So I am guessing the theft occurred in January sometime as the post was made Early February at the latest.

The ships clock is rather heavily modified due to some damage it occurred while shipboard over its century of use. The case is a red brass steam gauge case with a brass fitting soldered to the case at the 12 oclock position for the winding key, the face of the clock is moderately worn, and riveted to a custom cut and reversed steam gauge face. The inside of the case shows obvious modifications from holding a standard steam gauge guts, to being made to fit a Seth Thomas movement. The clock has a white 1/4 inch wide white label on the front base, it read "James A Farrell 1913" I have two photos of the clock unfortunately nothing of the interior with any serial number or anything like that. The clock was apparently sold by the thief pretty early on, so along with a brass gauge from the Toldeo Shipbuilding Company with a label reading "Clifford F. Hood" they may have been sold together to the same person. Any information or leads would be greatly appreciated as I very much want these two items back.

clock2.jpg clock.jpg

Dick C

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Oct 14, 2009
Have you checked with Craigslist to see if it is possible to obtain contact information about seller and/or buyer...perhaps they communicated via e-mail?

Would be interested if Craigslist cooperates if they have the information.

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