Stolen elgin pocket watch hunter case 14k

Discussion in 'Lost or Stolen Horological Items' started by marky, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. marky

    marky New Member

    Mar 2, 2012
    STOLEN ELGIN Pocket Watch
    Hello Members and Posters:
    I was a member in the 1990's before the internet took off and we could communicate like this.
    I had a watch stolen from my home and would like to post the details in the hopes it may be out there somewhere and not sold for the gold.
    Event took place around 1996
    ELGIN 14K Hunter case
    SERIAL NUMBER 463833
    Stem wind, lever set
    circa 1876
    'MASCOT' on case (I think)
    Case was also engraved, though I suspect if watch is still in circulation engraving will be gone. It had 3 names, (Dierkes and Devens and dates)
    I will pay a reasonable reward for this watch It belonged to my great -great grandfather
    Contact me at 312 656 3091 or email

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