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Discussion in 'Just Practicing and Learning' started by Tom McIntyre, Feb 23, 2019.

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  1. Tom McIntyre

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    This is a new thread. The picture below is the screen capture just before I clicked on the Post New Thread button. Your screen is probably blue, but I prefer the red colors.

    The next picture below is the screen capture just after I entered the previous text lines above. Its picture shows the Create Thread button that you use to actually create the thread after entering the text pictures, etc.

    The two pictures were made by pressing the PrtScr control button on my Windows computer keyboard at the upper right area.

    To load pictures from my computer files, I can click on the button below the editing window with a picture of a camera and the words FROM PC.

    The third screen capture below shows my file browser window open to let me select some pictures from my computer files to upload to the thread.

    The final set of pictures below are those that I selected and uploaded from my files into this thread.

    I will not do a screen capture of those since they will be posted at the bottom of this post when I click on the Create Thread button.

    upload_2019-2-23_23-25-2.png Face.jpg MovementFloat.jpg MvtAngle.jpg

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