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Step collets $?


Registered User
Jul 26, 2006
What should I expect to pay for 8mm step collets?

Philip Bayer

Registered User
May 23, 2006
Horia lists the following:
-set of 12 funnel collets 660 Swiss Franc
-set of 4 step collets 220 Swiss Franc
these have B-8 collet shank

Beco Technic sells Vector brand accessories, they list a set of funnel and a set of step collets (4 each) at about 160 Euro each. I inquired and these have M7x0.75 threads, and they recommend a Vector drawback spindle if using on another lathe.

Of course there is Bergeon, listing at $634 and $686 for funnel and step collet sets, respectively.

I've seen them periodically come up on everyone's favorite auction site as well, under the brands of Boley and Levin, etc. ...

Jim DeRosier

Registered User
Jun 17, 2004
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If you check out the Sherline items called pot chucks you can make your own. They sell 6 of them in sizes 3/4" to 1-1/4" outside diameter. These are available in 8 mm WW pattern or the 10 mm D type. They have a plug insert so you can close the chuck in your head stock and cut a custom step or a series of steps in each one. They range in price from $27.00 to $45.00 each which is considerably less than the sets mentioned.

Jim DeRosier


Registered User
May 20, 2003
I beleive Derbyshire currently sells theirs for $45 to $60 depending on the size and finishing.

Larry Vanice

Registered User
Nov 20, 2005
There are several kinds of 8 mm step collet.

Pocket watch size multi-stepped wheel chucks have an OD of about one inch. They can be found with about all of the various collet makers' names, or no name. Used ones in decent shape for WW type lathes often sell for about $5-10 each, and they are very common. But it is difficult to find a set of 1 through 5 that are all the same make. Peerless (C&E Marshall Co.) made a set of 1 through 10, and that set is very rare. As with all their products, used Levin wheel chucks sell for much more than the others.

Used bracelet size wheel chucks, with OD about 1/2 inch, are very scarce, but still about the same price. Very few companies made them.

There is another type of collet with a single rather deep step. These are the ones with bores larger than 5.0 mm or 3/16 inch. Many collet makers made metric sizes up to 8.0 mm. Some companies made inch sizes. These larger sizes are more rare than the smaller ones, so they bring more money. The old Unimat SL lathe catalogs in the 1960's listed WW collets up to 13.0 mm, but those are very scarce. Levin makes step collets in large inch sizes, and they are very expensive.

Derbyshire has lower prices than Levin on their new collets, but you have to call them and ask for a price and availability. Their number is (508) 842-8319.

In all cases above, a used matched set of all the same make is worth much more than the sum ot their individual prices. As always, condition is important.

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