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Discussion in 'American Pocket Watches' started by roofingplank, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. roofingplank

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    can't seem to get anything up on this co. have an old elgin watch, with a star case, would like info, if anyone has any
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    Welcome to the message board.
    You can find a whole lot of information on the Star Watch Case Company by clciking the find button on this message board, and entering the search term.

    The following is just one archived post on the subject, recycled from Dr Russ Snyder:

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    Hi roofingplank:

    I also welcome you to the NAWCC Pocket Watch Message Board!

    Information about the Star Watch Case Co. can be found in the book, "History of the American Watch Case," Warren H. Niebling, Whitmore Publishing, Philadelphia, PA, 1971 (available on loan by mail to members from the NAWCC Library & Research Center). Otto A. Starke and Fred Herman founded the company in Elgin, IL in 1897. The company moved to Ludington, MI in 1905, where they eventually employed about 150 people. A 1913 Star ad can be seen at:
    <span class="ev_code_brown"></span>
    <span class="ev_code_blue">To view, go to the </span><span class="ev_code_brown">Elgin Watch Collectors Site Home Page</span> <span class="ev_code_blue">at</span> <span class="ev_code_brown"></span>, <span class="ev_code_blue">then copy and paste the address in your browser's address bar and click on </span>'Go'.

    Until WWI, only pocket watch cases were made. Afterwards, wristwatch cases were added to the line. The company continued to make watch cases until at least the mid-1970's. Cases were solid gold, gold filled, rolled gold plate, sterling silver and eventually, chrome plated.
    The above mentioned book lists these Star watch case grades:

    "Star"- 20-year gold-filled case at as late as November 1906, 25-year by April 1909.
    Stellar - 10 Kt rolled gold plate case.
    Defiance - 10-year rolled gold plate case.
    Majestic- 5-year gold-filled case.
    Scepter - Gold-filled or rolled gold plate case.

    Good luck,

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