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Spares-Repairs Rolex Winner24 of Daytona 1992...18k Marked Rose Gold Rolex,Oyster Perpetual -Superlative Chronometre.Ref F761720


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Jun 13, 2020
UK England South Yorkshire
My new job-lot find....A Rolex 1992 Daytona 24 Winner, 18k Rose gold Oyster perpetual chronometre..
the joblot advert was selling the watches as spares-repairs although it was just a new battery most needed as I know now ive put them in. All the watches in the lot appeared to be quality made & at the higher end of the watch brand scale.. I bought these watches based on the few I could make out, from the advert which were the ladies Swiss watches in particular. I never in a million years thought a fully working real Rolex watch would be in the mix..
I’m saying it’s a real Rolex based purely on the quality of the movement inside and the jewels ,...but I’ve never seen a Rolex one to compare to? I know I’ve read about Rolex movements in terms of it swinging when moved? Should the movement have had Rolex on it somewhere , or the reference number or the number of jewels like a Swiss , I’m going to go back to read up now I’m doubting it again! I’d already labelled it as a fake, due to given circumstances of actually receiving it , and the unlikely ness of getting a genuine Rolex in a joblot for the little money I paid...

The other men’s watches in the lot include..
ALTO S-510, Orlando Y:395 , Slazenger SLZ66 RC 02152, POD 540, Rojas Quartz WR100 chronograph( really like this one) another Orlando Quartz Y:385, An Orlando ExactitudeY:295, and a Time design double dial Quartz...Will upload images shortly of specific watches once I’ve done my research on them..They all appear genuine as far as I’m aware.When taking the pictures of the Rolex however the doubt crept back in again.. I noticed the Rolex lettering wasn’t central on the dial or online with the outer numbering. I now know the movement wasnt placed back properly by last owner or specialist...I’ve put it straight now and lined backup , I gently cleaned the glass bezelI and the dial it’self a tiny I wasn’t as confident in handling the movement and watch once I realised it could be genuine, I couldn’t get it Back in quick enough!
Changing a battery in a simple Quartz, hardly makes me qualified to go on to taking out Automatic movements from a Rolex ...I have managed it though, and it’s in one piece still...I was so relieved when it was back in the watch ;)

6FC9472D-3599-4D0D-B119-C1B0A004DD2B.jpeg 35F7A767-828F-4673-BCE9-834E240771F4.jpeg 360EEE00-4973-427F-A1D0-45CD50964128.jpeg CA94C151-5767-44C7-828F-D2521B44FD02.jpeg 60155832-0355-4877-8672-5521DD9BEEF4.jpeg F0C145C1-C446-487F-8BE1-3BCCD27D3C24.jpeg 986638CF-DF0A-42E4-B4FB-583692343586.jpeg 83D41E59-65A2-4507-8004-86C75F7DE2EA.jpeg 2CA3B1F0-D58D-47D2-B883-D6FB757F9B5A.jpeg 541E580F-F5B5-409C-BC5E-D8B18C044EB5.jpeg


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Feb 24, 2007
Brick, Ocean, NJ
Note how exactly positioned the dial is in the case, off a few degrees isn't it?
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