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Sessions Spare Sessions motor if you need one


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Dec 17, 2009
I've restored two Sessions banjo clocks for friends by purchasing various bitsas from Ebay. I have left over a motor. I've gone through it and the motor now runs perfectly. I've put shrink-wrap tubing over the original cloth covered wire. Anyone want/need this motor? Contact me by private message for details if you do.

Note that the gear-train has a chewed-up fiber gear that needs replacing before it will drive the hands.
The motor is the type that mounts to the plate with two screws instead of using a spring-washer. However, since the plates for both a screw-on motor and a spring-washer motor are otherwise identical, you can use the supplied plate with your mechanism and have a running clock.

Spare motor.JPG
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Dec 21, 2019
When you went through the motor, did you replace the bushings?

I have a motor that needs bushings. A little exploratory prodding with a strand of copper wire leads me to believe that there are 3 bushings, the two that can be seen from the outside and there’s one in the middle. I’m guessing the gaps between the bushings hold (or held) some sort of felt that supplied lubricant. Has anyone replaced these?