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Some more for the collection...


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Dec 26, 2013
Western Australia
I picked up four anniversary clocks back in May and realised I never posted them here. I like to post them all on the forum because I have often fond it useful to refer back to the subsequent conversation, especially for the troublesome ones :)

I've also been learning PHP and working on my own little offline database of our collection (now 31, including two "parts" clocks), and have linked each clock back to its entry here.

I'll post each clock separately and invite comments about age or any other special details. Here's the first one, a tiny little chrome plated (?) Kern midget. It came to us with a twisted suspension wire and needing some TLC. I dismantled and cleaned the movement and replaced the suspension wire and it has been running non-stop since. Unfortunately I gave the dial a gentle wipe to remove what I thought was grime but some of the decoration came off the lower left (not shown in photos).

The dial looks like it might be lacquered paper (?) but has a sort of greenish tarnish around the outer edge. I think this "dusted" off and took the print with it.

Plate 1340F, I believe.

kern-midget-chrome.jpg kern-midget-dial.jpg kern-midget-backplate.jpg
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