Smell and Money

Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Nov 21, 2013.

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    Having debated with myself long before this posting…is Johnnie II’s sense of smell stronger than her sense of hearing? I have come to the conclusion a cat’s sense of smell is far stronger than her hearing, she just proved it, by getting up from her cat napping as soon as I opened the can of Chunky Chicken. The smell of the food traveled from the kitchen to her napping place on the Velcro watch case.


    The below check ($500) is part of the about $700 (or more) presented to the NAWCC funding through the sale of the 2014 NAWCC Calendar by Chapter 190 of Ventura, CA and sales through the NAWCC Message Board.

    For me, having been a Chapter 190 member for the past three years is very rewarding: the long distance friendship and companionship of their membership is superb…their help in selling these beautiful Calendars is another great plus…we still have about 35 on my dining room table to sell to our membership.

    Please open the first posting on the NAWCC Message Board…Members News and Views forum…full information and an Order Form is posted there for our NAWCC members to use in buying these 2014 Calendars featuring 15 beautiful clocks (rarely seen outside of Museums). This Desk Calendar has 28 pages in total. We have about six weeks to go…we will mail the Calendars the next day the order is received.

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