Small Wonders Illinois 437 XT

Discussion in 'American Pocket Watches' started by Tom McIntyre, Apr 21, 2017.

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  1. Tom McIntyre

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    Aug 24, 2000
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    The Extra Thin model 1 grades are very similar in appearance to the Illini but do not have DeLong's patented 5 tooth click. They were made during DeLong's term as Master Watchmaker for Illinois and it is likely that the design is his also. I have not seen any documentation to support this, but i would like it to be true.

    With only 19 jewels, the 437 XT come in a bit below the other watches in the Illinois Small Wonders but with the jeweled barrel, they do look very nice.

    There are three examples in the collection with serial numbers 3650513 (18K), 3761666 (18K) and 3761696 (GF). They are shown below.

    302604.jpg 302605.jpg 302606.jpg 302607.jpg 302608.jpg

    302609.jpg 302610.jpg 302611.jpg 302612.jpg 302613.jpg

    302614.jpg 302615.jpg 302616.jpg 302617.jpg 302618.jpg
  2. Jerry Treiman

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  3. Tim Fitzgerald

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    I have been working on this Illinois 12s xt since April, new stem,crystal, mainspring, cleaning & servicing. I finished it this morning and am very pleased. Persistence pays off.
    The only thing left is hands, the hands from a regular Illinois 12s are different than the 12s xt. Can anyone help with information?
    Thanks TimFitz 315472.jpg

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