Sherline's Steady Rest With Ball Bearings

Discussion in 'Horological Tools' started by Joseph Bautsch, Apr 24, 2019.

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    Dec 9, 2006
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    A modification I made on Sherlines Steady Rest was to add ball bearings to the finger ends. Attached are photos of the three different sizes of bearings from small, 6 mm diameter, (see it on the tip of my finger), 8 mm, and 13 mm. There are several advantages to using bearings, there are no turning marks left on the arbor, you eliminate almost all the friction found in just the ends, the turning is a lot smoother and causes a lot less stress on the lathe motor, by adjusting the pressure on each bearing you can bring an arbor that is turning off center to dead center, used against the back side of a lantern pinion will prevent the lantern pinion from being moved out of place during a knurling procedure. The bearings will steady rest sizes from .0118" up to the maxium capacity of the lathe. The photos should be self explanatory.

    SR 1.jpeg SR 2.jpeg SR 3.jpeg SR 4.jpeg SR 5.jpeg SR 6.jpeg
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