Seth Thomas / Westclox two C Cell time and sound quartz clock

Discussion in 'Electric Horology' started by THTanner, Jan 30, 2020.

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    I have been called about fixing what the client described as a Seth Thomas from about 1970 with a quartz movement that I assume is a Westclox movement. It takes two C Cells - one for time and one for chime and strike. The client claims that the sweep hand moves, but the minute and hour hands no longer move. There is no pendulum in this mantle clock.

    I do not yet have the clock in hand, but told the client I would try to see if these can be repaired or if I am likely going to have to replace the works with something that is functionally equivalent, but not original.

    Did Westclox make such a movement and can they usually be repaired? And if not what would be a good replacement. I have looked at the Hermle time and selectable chime units as well as some similar that are a bit less money. Looking through the posts here on the board I cannot find any reference to a Westclox with 2 C Cells and selectable chime options.


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