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Seth Thomas, Mitchell Vance, and R. Kaiser clock?


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Sep 26, 2020
The history of this clock, according to other posts here on the NAWCC, is that Mitchell Vance was a company making boilers, fancy gas fixtures, and clocks, in New York, and they subbed out the making of movements to Seth Thomas. There's a great site dedicated to Mitchell Vance Co, mitchell-vance-and-company, showing a lot of their fixtures.
Seth Thomas made these round French style movements for them, and credited an R. Kaiser with the design of them, as mentioned in this previous post:

"Many of the round plate movements were marked "H. Kaiser" who was apparently the designer of the movement which was designed to compete with expensive French movements.. The movements marked R. Kaiser are also serial numbered. But they are found in newer clocks. I have a Prudence from 1908 (presentation engraving on the back of the case) with a serial numbered Kaiser movement, serial #53632."

So, is this accepted knowledge? Our movement is stamped with the R. Kaiser name, the ST in the diamond and circle, and the number 42085 on the movement and on the pendulum. Any ideas about years for this clock, or any other information on R. Kaiser? Any ideas about getting the hands matched? Thanks in advance, Tim

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