Seth Thomas Metronome

Discussion in 'Horological Misc' started by jjccamis, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. jjccamis

    jjccamis Registered User

    Dec 15, 2009
    I have searched Google for hours looking for Seth Thomas Metronome parts, specificly, the slider weight and front wooden covers. Sure, I could just buy a complete one on Ebay, but I prefer to complete this one for sentimental value. NOW, does anyone have the parts information or the parts I am looking for? It can't be this difficult!
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    Feb 24, 2007
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    It depends on how many metronomes Seth Thomas made how hard parts are going to be to find
  3. Dave B

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    Jun 7, 2008
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    I have one that I bought many moons ago for about $5.00 in an antique store. It too was missing the slider weight. (I only bought it because it had both the front door and the bottom door, and the winding key.) I finally gave up on the search for a slider, and made my own, by carving a piece of wood to the proper shape amd melting plumber's lead into it. I then drilled and tapped it for four 2-56 screws and made a brass plate to go on the front of it. By using a flat punch judiciously, I was able to give the edges of the plate just enough bend to hold on the slots. I then shaved weight off the back until it kept time at mm60. (One beat per second) Checking it at mm120 (two beats per second, which was abou as fast as I could easily count, with a pocket watch) showed it to be pretty darned close. When I compared it to my electronic metronome, it was slightly off at the faster end, but so is my Taktel "Piccolo" model, so I suspect that none of these mechanical metronomes were exactly right for all speeds.

    "It depends on how many metronomes Seth Thomas made how hard parts are going to be to find"
    I don't know how many they made, but I am sure it is a big number. Problem is, the slider weight is what usually got lost somewhere along the way. They are easily found without that critical part.

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