Sessions locale discrepancy??

Discussion in 'General Clock Discussions' started by P Gorman, Nov 19, 2002.

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  1. P Gorman

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    Forestville, CT. is approx. 1 Mile from Bristol and may be (or might have been) a village within the township of Bristol. Perhaps others, more familiar with the area and it's history, can expand on this relationship. Another referrence states that a decendent of the original owners opened a clock factory in Farmington, CT. about 9 miles from Bristol.

    Hope this helps ...

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    John, Spittler & Bailey list it as "E. N. Welch, Bristol, Conn." and continues to say "One of Bristol's largest companies." If E. N. Welch became Sessions it would follow they would be in the same location.
    However, I just checked the label on my E. N. Welch clock and the label reads "E. N. Welch, Forrestville, Conn."

    Perhaps Paul is correct about the nearness of the two locations causing confusion. :eek:

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  3. Tim Ryan

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    To all,
    According to Roberts & Taylor "Forestville Clockmakers":

    "the first settler in the Bristol district known as Forestville was Nehemiah Manross, reported to have come from Lebabnon [CT] in 1728. Nehemiah was the great-grandfather of Elisha Manross, the clockmaker. At that date this district was part of New Cambridge, a section of Farmington. Bristol separated from Farmington in 1785.

    The first recorded record of Forestville is noted in a deed filed about July 21, 1835, which stated:
    "of land lying situate in a place called Forestville, in said town of Bristol." This deed is believed to be the advent of the Forestville Manufacturing Company, which when bankrupt (approx.1856), became the E.N.Welch Manufacturing Company, which when financial difficulties struck (approx. 1902) became the Sessions Clock Company which continued to manufacture clocks at Forestville until 1968 and terminated its business on July 1, 1970."

    the above doesn't help as far as a specific date of manufacture of your clock, but gives a bit of background.

    hope this is helpful.


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