September Sensation- Munger & Benedict "Stovepipe" shelf clock.

Discussion in 'American Clock & Watch Museum' started by Peter A. Nunes, Sep 2, 2013.

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    Asa Munger and Thaddeus Benedict, a silversmith, entered into a partnership during 1825. From 1831-33 the finely engraved labels in their high quality 8 day shelf clocks included both names, as shown here. These are hollow column clocks, and the name "stovepipe" name is derived from the prominent tin columns which contain the weights. These are decorated in the toleware tradition, with stenciling on a black background, possibly augmented with hand decoration. I have seen two of these that seem to have original decalcomania decoration in addition to the stenciling. These are imposing clocks, close to 40" tall, and extremely well made, with refined 8 day brass movements featuring cast brass plates. The minute hands are often a pointing finger, as on this example, and the pendulum bobs are generally the eagle design depicted here. Another wonderful example of early American craftsmanship!

    munger.jpg mungerbob.jpg mungerlabell.jpg

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