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Self Winding Clock


Registered User
Aug 5, 2002
Experts on SWCC, please tell me about the clock I bought today at the flea market for $150, how it might have been used and if there is anything to be careful about.

It is a fairly small 120 beat SWCC wall clock with a 10" dial with seconds bit, in a rectangular wood case. The case is locked with two latches on the left side that can be opened with clock keys. On the dial below the usual company name is "PRR" and below that "118."

Inside is what appears to be a typical SWCC movement with a synchronizing coil and a very heavy round brass pendulum. A former owner has attached a small 3vdc power supply instead of batteries.

The clock seems to run perfectly and keep good time (so far) but is quite sensitive to going out of beat if it is not level.

There are no papers with this clock but there are two instruction labels on the inside of the door. One describes how to adjust the pendulum and the other describes the electrical contacts.

A small "authenticity" question. A former owner secured the dial with four new slotted round-head screws that have a bright plating. Would the original have been plated like this, or would they be regular steel or brass?

Thanks and regards


NAWCC Fellow
NAWCC Member
Aug 24, 2000
The 120 beat SWCC clocks are critical to a good beat. They don't do well unless securely hung AND secured to prevent tilt.

Yours being property number 118 of the Pennsylvania road gives the clock a "cut-above-others" that are simply SWCC rentals with the Western Union dial.

I can't answer you question about the dial retaining screws. Most I've seen are a mixed bag. Personally, I try to match the screw heads to the color of the dial even if the dial is marred around the screw holes.

Obviously you have the eye for a good clock at a bargain price.

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