Seeking for help in watch market research

Discussion in 'Wrist Watches' started by Marty Rougeaux, Feb 23, 2001.

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  1. Val, I'm so sorry that you have not received any replies or help to date. Unfortunatly, I am out of time but I will offer what I can tomorrow. Marty
  2. Dave Haynes

    Dave Haynes Registered User

    Sep 12, 2000
    Val: Favre Leuba, a brand that I'm sure is much more popular where you are than here,
    made a watch called "Bivouac" which was a manual wind wrist watch with an altimeter
    useful for mountain climbing I guess.
    Many other companies have made watches with
    slide-rules and other computing features.
    Breitling made watches designed for sailing that had tide indications and timers designed for yachting events. Many companies made watches equipped with alarms, the most famous being the LeCoultre Memovox. Most watch companies made World Time watches that would give the time in countries throughout the world. Others would give the time in two different time zones, a useful feature for airline pilots.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Rick White

    Rick White Guest

    Timex makes a few of the watches you seek, fitness, pager, datalink, etc. Go here and poke around There is a demo page that shows how a lot of them work.

    Rick White
    Pocket Watches Moderator
  4. Val, I'm unclear on whether you are seeking information on timepieces that are currently available, or any unusual watch, even those that may be out of production. So in addition to Dave's and Rick's offering I will add these:
    A WW called Players - It had 4 registers (dials) which allowed you to record goals and corners of 2 soccer teams - mov't was Fontainemelon
    Any watch can act as a compass but Dugena (and I'm certain others)made one that had a built-in ability to quickly determine direction.
    Ulysse Nardin - a very complex mov't allows for reading exact astronomical positions of planets, plus much more - full calendar, moon age, etc.
    A spy watch in the 40's - Did not keep time but had a built-in microphone.
    A sophisticated watch that keeps solar time - or time equitation - true sun time, which, as you probably know, is not exactly the same as our daily ww report.
    As you may already know, there are also repeaters, that can alert the owner, by sound, to the time. Good luck with the study and I hope this helps. Marty Rougeaux

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