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Discussion in 'Wrist Watches' started by sue, Oct 7, 2001.

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  1. sue

    sue Guest

    rolex oyster watch-are there any collectors out there ?
  2. sue

    sue Guest

    rolex oyster watch-are there any collectors out there ?
  3. Mike Kearney

    Mike Kearney Guest

    Welcome, Sue. Yes, there's at least a few fans of Rolex on the board. We don't buy, sell or discuss their values here, of course. Mainly just show them off and talk about them. Are you a collector too?

  4. Jeff Hess

    Jeff Hess Moderator
    Sponsor Gold Business Member

    Sep 3, 2000
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    So, um, Sue.... um..what's your sign?

  5. Mike Kearney

    Mike Kearney Guest

    Jeff, be nice. Sue let me know that she has inherited her Rolex, so I told her that if she'd like to send us an image of it (a document scanner works great) we'd post it and someone could tell her more about it.

    Speaking of Rolex, I bought one from Hess Fine Art a while back, and was very happy with the transaction. Any relation to you?

  6. Steve Maddox

    Steve Maddox Guest


    I e-mailed Sue, and she replied with the case number of her watch, from which I was able to tell her probably more about it than she ever wanted to know. I didn't get her sign, but it's probably just as well. My religion only allows one (1) wife per parishioner, and I already have my limit.

    As for Jeff, he is the "Hess" in Hess Fine Art, and we're lucky to have him visit here from time to time. Not only does he have a lot of horological knowledge, but also a quick wit! :biggrin:

    By the way, you didn't catch the Rolex bug from me, did you? Treatment for it is expensive, and as far as I know, there's no real cure. Maybe we should keep Sue in mind after all, just in case?..

    Steve Maddox
    VP, NAWCC Chapter #62
    North Little Rock, Arkansas
  7. sue

    sue Guest

    hello everyone that has helped me regarding the rolex,another poser for you all,bravington watches-made of gold ,i am eager to know about this one also,regards sue
  8. Bruce Alexander

    Bruce Alexander Registered User
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    Feb 22, 2010
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    Ran across this $700,000 Rolex Oyster on an Antiques Roadshow Video.
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