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Discussion in 'Encyclopedia (Wiki) Help' started by Ray Fanchamps, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. Ray Fanchamps

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    For some time now the wiki area has been stumbling along without much user guidance. Having seen this Richard Watkins stepped up and offered to help define the resource. That offer has been accepted.

    This will be a group effort and Richard is looking for help. He will be the person to contact as to the what,where when and how you can help.

    The wiki project will be the collaborative encyclopedia of the NAWCC members. You all have something to offer and I encourage you all to contribute.

    The content style of a wiki is a little different. Think of the content as being an encyclopedia and you will recognize it is fact based supported by references. It will take a little adjustment to get used to that form of content development but there will be guidance.

    Anyone interested in working to define and Moderate the wiki please PM your interests to username Richard Watkins .

    For now I would like to welcome Richard to the job and offer the thanks of the NAWCC at large for taking of the job.

    Thank you.

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