Restoring an Ingram Black Mantel Clock

Discussion in 'Clock Case Restoration and Repair' started by orso, Feb 14, 2018 at 3:51 PM.

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  1. orso

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    I'm trying to restore to the best possible an Ingram Black Clock (see pics). There are a few scratches and stains especially on the top panel. The idea was to gently strip it out hoping the incises would have kept deep enough to be refilled with gold. I realized though that this is not the case; except for the dipper holes all the remaining golden decorations are above the wood surface and they are quite hard if I touch them with a brass pin; they look like very little nails. Whatever they are, is there anyone who has attempted to restore this kind of case? If so, I would appreciate any suggestions.
    Thanks IMG_1621.JPG IMG_1622.JPG IMG_1625.JPG

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