Researching Girard Perregaux pocket watch


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May 26, 2008
Hello All!
Sorry folks I should have posted under this heading. :(
As a "dyed in the wool" tool collector, I came across
a Stanley Tool Works retirement pocket watch.
It was made by Girard Perregaux & Co of Switzerland
and has a serial #(?) of 234277.
It is 17 jewels, it is also marked "unadjusted Swiss" and "GMX".
The back of the case is marked Keystone 14K, 6188846.
On the outside of the case it is marked,
The name of the person retiring, the Stanley logo and 1920-1945 (dates of employment).
Does anyone know if I can look up when this watch was made,
trace the history of it, etc?
As always thank you everyone and have a great weekend!
Take care
Lou :confused: :confused: