Renewal of the tombstones of Anton Harder and his family

Discussion in '400-Day & Atmos' started by tarant, Jun 11, 2016.

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  1. tarant

    tarant Registered User
    NAWCC Member

    Jul 6, 2008
    Neurohorologist ;)
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    More than a year ago forum Colleague janekp found on the former churchyard in Ręszów (Ransen) tombstones of Anton Harder, his wife and daughter. Members and administration of KMZiZ forum decided to renew them in a form of a small monument. On May 28, during the eight meeting of the clocks collectors group, the monument was unveiled. Among the special guests was Hans Heinrich Schmid.

    IMG_7474.JPG IMG_7476.JPG IMG_7524.JPG IMG_7534.JPG IMG_7543.JPG IMG_7552.JPG
    20160527_191210.jpg post-28411-0-19440700-1465305499.jpg
  2. KurtinSA

    KurtinSA Registered User
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    Nov 24, 2014
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    San Antonio, TX
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    Piotr -

    Thanks! Nice thing they did. Nice clocks. And nice cake!!

  3. Kevin W.

    Kevin W. Registered User
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    Apr 11, 2002
    I work at the Veritas Tools machine shop.
    Nepean, Ontario, Canada
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    Nice to see a clock maker and his family honoured, does not happen enough.
  4. scottmiami

    scottmiami Registered User

    May 14, 2014
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    What a great gesture. Well done to all involved!
  5. John Hubby

    John Hubby Principal Administrator
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    Sep 7, 2000
    The Woodlands, TX
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    Magnificent!! A marvelous and inspired occasion to honor the "Father of the 400-Day Clock", I only wish I could have been there!

    MUN CHOR-WENG Registered User

    Sep 5, 2000
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    #6 MUN CHOR-WENG, Jun 13, 2016
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    The event marked an important mile stone in the history of 400-day clock. Credit must be given those who have put in much time and efforts in organising the important and very meaningful event. I wish I could have attended the three-day event but I have to miss it due to a prior engagement. However soon after the event and at my request janekp ( Jan Pysk ) had kept me updated by sending me numerous pictures, a gesture I greatly appreciate. I have selected one lot and with his permission post them here through the link below:…-antona-hardera-upami%C4%99tnienie

    The text accompanying the pictures is in Polish and by using Google-translate, a rough translation shown below is obtained and it gives us some idea of the descriptions of those pictures.
    I understand there is a very active group of 400-day clock collectors in Poland and I hope that through the NAWCC message board there can have more contact and exchange of information between members of this 400-day clock collectors community.

    Mun C W

    Home Corner Club Member screwed clock spring ... Anton Harder commemoration
    Crazy clock spring ... Anton Harder commemoration
    Category: Corner Club Member May 29, 2016

    Monument family Harderów Ręszewie
    Monument family Harderów Ręszewie
    Oxen, on Friday 27 May, the hotel Cameleon - this is not Ręszów and yet unveiling of the tombstone Anton Harder - creator of clocks with torsion pendulum.
    This collection of all concerned clocks clubbers with Lovers Club of Clocks and Watches.

    The main celebrations begin the next day, but in the evening, after greeting everyone with everyone and exchange of opinions, especially about the new acquisitions clock is scheduled lecture "WueM'a." A bit of it all, of course, extended, because they had to see all the new watches presented, because they were also watches - especially those from Eppnera and Becker.

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    They were so extraordinary that ... the world has them only a few - the clock with a pendulum torsion, a unique annual and clocks with a Polish calendar - super !!!

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    It came at the end of time to talk "WueM'a" - clocks annual and Anton Harder and Becker and Willman.
    Was hearing. Discussion was also quite a lot, some part of the matter was, of course, unknown. Doubts still fascinate a bunch of friends and lovers of clocks. Until late at night there was no other than the clock themes.

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    Even in the morning at breakfast they reigned ... clocks.

    Saturday - to this day are the most important meetings and events.

    The trip to Ręszowa

    Before noon motorcade przewaliła of Wołowa to Ręszowa. Along the way Ścinawa with a nice Gothic church dedicated to the Holy Cross and the clock, which shields on the four corners of the world to announce ... that Anton Harder not been for him to pay - at least in conveyed, before the meeting in the common rural written note presented our case Ścinawianin - Antoni Merta. Information source was for him an article from a German newspaper published on the German-language Internet portal.

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    We're going to the palace

    Residential buildings other estates in the area were called mansions. This, however, was so proved, that is called a palace. Other (in the municipality Åšcinawa) did not survive. It was only this one may last forever ...!

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    Yes, it is unusual. Even the entrance gate unimpressed, and we continue building the palace, the palace buildings and economic, the remains of the park. Red brick arranged in a square farm buildings in the middle of the heavily overgrown, once that is certainly the pride of place pond.

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    Well palace - with a capital "P". Three-winged - on the set of the letter "C", with a beautiful entrance and ... a horrible mast antenna of mobile telephony in the inner corner. But maybe not so bad, at the end of the phone in this area is essential and this place is safe for the mast.

    Guided by Mieczyslaw Stachów - tenant of the entire property admire the palace. You can see that the host of the place did everything right to prepare them for our visit. Vegetables cut equally so from the front, how and from the park, "stairs to the alleged lab Anton Harder specially podparliśmy, so we can safely go there." In the middle of all super-cleaned.

    You can see the ravages of time and ... bite communism. In the common room left even decoration of the last rural play, even a password of socialist cooperation was read. After the war, the palace was inhabited by few, maybe even several families, the last person moved out of it just a few years ago.

    This was all seen the dostawionych partition walls and additional inputs, alterations or destructions. Well, that roof was kept in as good condition, because for a long time is essential (although it up). The walls could be seen traces of moisture, but the front gutters were changed, and from the park, a few years ago better now too fine to be changed. We visited a large part of the palace - a very, very good that we managed to do it.

    Of course, no one has found even a tiny remnants of the presence here for the watch enthusiast, but if it was possible?

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    After visiting the manor went to the common room rural areas. Enabled for her it was pastorówka, which betrayed the proximity of the church and the track passes through the wall surrounding the temple. Before entering information board - picture church. Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary with information about the image of the palace ...

    Harder !!! - YES!!!,
    memory constructor when describing the manor and a photo of a clock - a yearling, of course.

    This table a year ago it was not. This is due to the group of enthusiasts from the Club that local residents learned about the extraordinary person who lived in this place. Prepared room, in the middle of a table full of exquisite and exquisitely prepared dishes. On the landing is set for tables lining imported by clubbers clocks. At the scheduled presentation of watches to know the locals and they were clearly enjoying accommodating, and Mrs. mayor immediately after greeting asked if now, before Holy Mass will lay clocks.

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    "Yes, as soon as we do, but now go over to the church to see tables and work stonemason" - Marian Faralisz suggested that next to "Janekp" and Eugene Swede from the Board of the Club was the organizer of the meeting. Yes, it happened. Along the low brick fence we go to the gate. Faced with her right away before we monument with three tombstones family Harderów neatly integrated into the monument.

    The whole is made by a local stonemason, and financed by the Club Lovers of Clocks and Watches. Very, very nice to work out. The more representative the place is not within the church.
    Even occasional photo - because then there will be more people and go back to the common room.

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    Clocks immediately went to the scene, filled all designed for them. I think I managed to present all of the imported. Already at this point we were also made occasional pictures. It is known that when there are all here, it's about quiet pictures will be difficult.

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    Mass celebrated by the parish priest - Monsignor Bogdan Kaczorowski with the intention of the members of the Club Lovers Clocks and Watches. In his homily few words references to individuals Anton Harder and with surprise that with such a person no one here knew "... now Ścinawa will be coming to Ręszowa, not just Ręszowianie to Ścinawa ...".

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    After the end of the Mass dedication of the monument, inflammation of the candles and the solemn image of all gathered. Here surprise, because the inhabitants - the parishioners present at the Mass did not want to picture approach. It's hard.

    We head to the common room - we invite you to follow us Father, and to my surprise, contrary to earlier announcements can be convinced. We tell him about the club, about a group of clock, with clocks, about brothers with Niepokalanów in relation to the merits of the Catholic Church for watch making. Curiously in talks.

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    In the lounge watching clocks, refreshments. Same household products. Delicious! We do not give details, could possibly read this text "on głodniaka" could finish him quietly.
    After a moment of individual talks and admire the collection, a clarification from the club to say a few words about Antonie Harderze was asked Marian Faralisz.

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    He says, he says - is that not too long for the residents?
    "... Interesting that the talk about clocks, it will always go on Becker? ..., Well, then a few more words ..."

    We mostly know the facts presented, and hence the fear of discouraging residents, but they hear it all the first time. Not only that, it came as a large group of people, not quite that brought completely different than the popular clocks commonly known, is still talking about the person who was here, in their village years ago lived.

    It seems that they be pleased!

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    Now it's time for cake and coffee
    Here we are no longer able to dispose of the matter quickly. Cake was unusual - a clock, and for that delicious. Please note that this is the annual clock! All products are homemade - only congratulate the ability mieszkankom.

    Time to move to the Hotel Cameleon - now no longer cavalcade, but single cars Ręszów leave and head to the Oxen.

    In the conference room, all gathered start of the gala dinner, which after such an excellent meal in Ręszowie it would seem ... torture. Yes, but everything was planned, and in the village of Anton Harder was to be the only refreshments. You can still eat only a little, and some of victuals give a farewell for club breakfast.

    Immediately after the meal presentation
    Mr. Hans-Heinrich Schmid - author of an extraordinary encyclopedia of German producers clocks of industrialization and the beginning of the clock industry in Silesia. Very, very interesting and structured lectures. For what it is worth noting the development of the industry clock started before using it to produce steam engine.
    In Silesia Gustav Becker creates a company already in 1850, and the steam engine (first in his company) is introduced in 1856.

    This paper should be quoted in full, and ... maybe this can be used to do on our portal. Although it indicated above for the first time, that Mr. Hans-Heinrich Schmid and his wife were the whole time with a group of zegarkomaniaków, as they admired all places and they spread praise for the excellent organization and a great atmosphere throughout their stay.
    It is worth noting that all the presented information in this topic were in Polish. This translation has made p. Anne Wietrzyńska

    The second speaker was Mr. Andrew, and the theme of Polish clocks in his collection. Unusual copies some details about obtaining specific copies. The perfect complement to the knowledge acquired during the existence of Ręszowie.

    Hans-Heinrich Schmid and Władysław Meller

    Although at that time held moss final football Champions League, everyone zegarkomaniacy further discussed and admired subsequent exhibits.
    You could of course take a commemorative photo (here the author to develop and Mr Hans-Heinrich Schmid).

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    An interesting surprise was prepared by Mr. Hans-Heinrich Schmid, showing unusual timepiece and indicating that willingly give it to that of colleagues who guesses what could serve.
    Three identical copies went into the hall.

    Anton Harder - meeting clubbers in Ręszewie

    Alarm, no alarm clock, a wink to his suspension, strange levers at the rear. Despite careful watching, no one could guess.

    After a while "grandfather" started loud agonizing. Here hang, here you can hook the cord, perhaps a weight. After the liberation alarm switch to the axle and lever will be released ... but what can?

    Close, close, suggesting "amroziuk", who was an interpreter and arbiter in this game. "Can I help you, said Mr. Schmid?".

    However, "janekp" !!!
    Already known the clock was used to distribute propaganda leaflets. After clinging to the levers of leaflets and the whole balloon, released into the air, after a set time "alarm clock" slowing down the lever and leaflets dropped from the sky. The possibility of the use and settings of course decided weather conditions. The presence of unused clocks suggests that the Cold War ended to prosper faster than some predicted.

    Night does not enforce end calls, especially in this group, but the prospect of return path required to overcome the next day resulted in gradual propagation of the rooms.

    It was unusual, it was perfectly clear that the participants of the meeting from now on will expect the next clock rally.

    Władysław Meller

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  7. tarant

    tarant Registered User
    NAWCC Member

    Jul 6, 2008
    Neurohorologist ;)
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  8. janekp

    janekp Registered User

    May 21, 2011
    As I wrote our colleagues it was nice meeting the occasion of the unveiling of the monument in honor of J A Harder.
    Many [FONT=&amp] thanks to the involvement [/FONT]members of KMZiZ from Poland we managed to organize this meeting, also thanks to the Management Message Board KMZiZ of the financial side.
    At the meeting he was present H H Schmid and few collectors 400 day clock from Poland.
    They discussed the length of Harders clocks and the intricate story of his contacts with Gustav Becker and Wilmann.
    Of course, we are showing only a few 400 day clocks which are in Poland,only to illustrate and show the inhabitants of Ręszów.
    There were also several presentations of the oldest Polish standig clocks, about the history and production of factory GB, with interesting observations In relation with the400 day clock with cylinder Escapement and werge escapment,small tourbillon Karol Roman etc.
    Naturally, he was also present GB 400 day Wallclock.
    It was a great opportunity to exchange views and information.
    It was probably already 8 -such a meeting.
    IMG_8114.jpg IMG_8170.jpg IMG_8054.jpg 20160527_162041.jpg 20160527_172844.jpg IMG_8049.jpg IMG_7650.jpg IMG_8138.jpg

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