Reminder that offers to buy or sell is prohibited on forum

Discussion in 'American Pocket Watches' started by musicguy, Oct 21, 2019.

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  1. musicguy

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    Jan 12, 2017
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    Last night we had a post that was reported by 5 different people(including a Board member).
    Rather than respond to all of the "Reports" individually
    I'm doing that here. Thank you.

    Just a reminder, we can't stop a post before it happens
    so please be patient. When we see it, or it's reported we will get to it as fast as we can.


    Offers to buy or sell, links to active sales:
    • No form of selling is permitted in any forum, including discussions implying your item may be available for sale. Want ads may be posted only in the restricted "Want to Buy" forum.
    • Links or references to active sales or auctions will be removed. Links or references to completed sales and auctions are permitted for discussion.
    • Requests for parts for repair of your watch or clock are permitted only in the “Watch Parts Wanted” and “Clock Parts Wanted” threads in the Watch Repair Forum and Clock Repair Forum respectively. All transactions for such materials must be made outside this MB.
    • Links to vendors who sell repair materials and supplies in quantity are permitted.

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