Regulator Glass Replacement

Discussion in 'Reverse Glass and Dial Painting' started by George Mitchell, Dec 15, 2018.

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    I hope this is the correct place to post this. If not, my apologies and please let me know where to put it.
    I have a Regulator style clock that had a little accident that cause the bottom glass to be broken. No damage to the clock but I need to replace the bottom glass in the door. I am thinking that it will be easier to but a new glass and either do reverse painting or get decals to match the original. I really do not think the reverse painting is the answer due to the intricate details.

    Where can I get a decal to match the original? The glass that is broken still has three good corners and the "REGULATOR" so I am wondering if that can be used for a pattern? If so, where do I look for somebody that can create a decal for me?

    Also do I need rub-on or water transfer? Have not done any work with decals since I was a kid working on model airplanes many, many years ago!!


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