Refinishing Mission / Arts & Craft Style Hands and Numbers

Discussion in 'Reverse Glass and Dial Painting' started by gleber, Feb 23, 2019.

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    I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the Clock Case Restoration and Repair forum but decided this is more related to the dial, so here goes. I just got a new (old) Ingraham Monterey. The hands and numbers are faded and worn. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to restore these to their original bronze finish? I've seen some pretty ugly restorations of these and I want to avoid that look. Also, does anyone know if these were originally plated, or some other process?

    The clock can be seen here: E Ingraham Monterey Mission Wall Clock

    The hands and "3" are included here. The "3" is the best example of the issue. You can see the original color, the faded areas and even a section where the bronze has worn off to the bare metal.


    The hands actually look like they are solid brass when I took some steel wool to the back. I'm afraid to lose the patina and may just clean them lightly.

    I just love the font on these things! Any other fans out there?


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