American question about Waltham tube clock dials

Discussion in 'General Clock Discussions' started by paradise, Nov 25, 2019.

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  1. paradise

    paradise Registered User
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    Jun 24, 2007
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    I have four Waltham tube clocks and I notice the fretwork and center of those fancy dials are different. Two if them are hand cut similar to Herschede or Elliot but two of them are cast or poured soft metal with a brass or gold plating. From a few feet distance they all appear to be made the same just a different pattern but the two pot metal?? ones are obviously a soft metal, not brass.
    My curiosity is, has anyone any knowledge of this. Has anyone seen it before. It seems to me that Waltham was trying to cut some corners or save some money over paying a person to hand cut and then engrave these things but I don't know I would appreciate any input on this
    Thanks all.....paradise
  2. gleber

    gleber Registered User

    Jun 15, 2015
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    Photos would be most helpful and many of us who can't always contribute much to expand the knowledge base enjoy just looking.

  3. Andy Dervan

    Andy Dervan Registered User
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    Oct 23, 2002
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    Waltham Clock Co. offered several different dials (quality levels) for its 5 and 9 tube Hall clocks. It is difficult from catalog descriptions to really understand the differences.

    Andy Dervan
  4. brian fisher

    brian fisher Registered User
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    Jan 20, 2017
    houston, tx
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    I’ve never owned or worked on a Waltham, but I have always loved that split spandrel center that came on some of the fancier tube clocks. I cannot give a definitive answer to your question, but in relation to what Andy posted above, they did indeed make a handful of dials that varied in price and quality.

    if you could please post pics of your dials, it would be so much easier to visualize.

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