Q: Case Styles and Winding Locations

Discussion in '400-Day & Atmos' started by SpaceCowboy850, Nov 10, 2019.

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  1. SpaceCowboy850

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    Oct 29, 2019
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    As I research 400 days, I see that the vast majority of them are domed. Some are in a square case (carriage? Is there another name for them) - Do these box cases have a front door that opens like typical Atmos cases?

    Related - are there any 400 days with a hole in the face for front winding?

    Where I want to put this is a shelf above the TV that has about 10-11 inches of clearance, so I'm probably looking at a miniature 400 day if I get one, but then if I need to adjust it every few weeks, I'd like not to be taking it off the shelf and putting it back on again all the time for fear of damaging the movement (which I think I'd have to do with a domed movement, even if it fit)
  2. KurtinSA

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    Nov 24, 2014
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    Question 1 - Yes and no. The carriage clocks (maybe also called coach clocks) typically have locks on the side which hold the top to the base. Undo the lock/latch, and the top lifts off. There are four-glass regulators which have both front and rear doors for setting time and winding the clock.

    Question 2 - Yes. Most common type of front winding clock is the expensive and relatively rare Grivolas.

    With only 10-11 inches, you will need either a coach/carriage or a miniature or midget clock. I build some book cases to display my clocks. I found that 17-18 inches between shelves affords enough room to lift a regular dome up and then cant it forward to clear the clock. I just have to be careful doing it.

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  3. kologha

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    Dec 11, 2011
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    I recently serviced an Uhrenfabrik Herr rectangular 400 day on which the front and rear glass just slid out the top of the frame. The movt was attached to the brass top of the case.


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