Possibly the world's largest wooden tower clock is ticking away in Nannup

Discussion in 'Tower, Monumental & Street Clocks' started by roughbarked, Jan 23, 2020.

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  1. roughbarked

    roughbarked Registered User

    Dec 2, 2016
    Western NSW or just this side of the black stump.
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    The link is about four years old so I'm not sure if it has been talked about on these forums beforehand.

    Contentedly ticking away in a specially built shed in Nannup, Western Australia is possibly the largest working wooden tower clocks in the world.

    7669240-3x4-340x453.jpg Photo: The clock is 6m tall. The jarrah wood is one of the hardest in the world as well as being a timber that will age beautifully. (ABC South West: Sharon Kennedy)

    Built predominantly of jarrah by local Kevin Bird, the clock is nearly 6m tall and just over 3m wide and 3m long.

    The jarrah clock was originally destined for a new civic centre in the main street of Nannup.

    When the project did not eventuate, Mr Bird decided to assemble the clock in a specially built shed on his property.

    The clock face is 2m in diameter and made of leaded glass with a steel armature inside a timber frame.

    Building the clock has taken the best part of a decade of Mr Bird's life.

    Wooden pendulum clock possibly the world's largest
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  2. Les harland

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    Apr 10, 2008
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    Very interesting clock thanks for posting it
    I have been on this Forum for some time now and do not remember seeing this clock before
  3. novicetimekeeper

    novicetimekeeper Registered User

    Jul 26, 2015
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    I do remember it, but not sure where on the board it was. Hopefully in Western Australia it is safe.

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