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pocket watch movements with two maltese cross "nest"


Registered User
Nov 23, 2010
Dear forum readers!

I have one movement, on which it is visible two maltese cross "nest". I have few years earlier presented this movement here in the forum. My movement shows, that this is the result of a previous repair. (a broken screw, and a lack of gilding in the newly created "nest")
Since then i have collecting photos from these movements. If anyone is in possession of such movement, please upload a picture of it here.
I have already seen one where both maltese crosses is present (but it’s true, that the stop finger part is not present!) and one where gilding is not lacking. Therefore i have a little doubt in it.
Eventually if set correctly, it can work well with two maltese crosses also, just stops a half turn earlier. If i mean good? Maybe a shorter mainspring was placed during the repair, and thus corrected it? If anyone has any idea about this, i enjoy reading about it.
I upload some picture, the first is mine the others originate from internet.

Regards! Peter

2005-01-01 01.58.10.jpg aubert freres quarter repeater with two maltese cross.jpg Breguet ¼ Repetition Taschenuhr Paris 1780 1_1.jpg Breguet et fils 1_2.jpg breguet with two maltese cross 1_1.jpg Swiss Quarter Repeater with two maltese cross.jpg


NAWCC Member
Jan 7, 2011
Breamore, Hampshire, UK
Hi Peter,

I notice that the Maltese Cross piece in your example has six lobes rather than the more usual five, giving five complete turns of the barrel, and the newly cut recess for it because of the broken screw. Perhaps the repairer hadn't heard of alum to remove the broken stub, or didn't have the time to wait whilst it dissolved the screw. There's also a third cut out in the lid at 90˚ to the original two, for some unknown reason.

The pictures which I previously posted here are now not available and there will not be a further discussion on this watch in a separate thread. My apologies to everyone for this misunderstanding.


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