Watch Please Help! Looking for a Seiko 8F56-0021 Perpetual Calendar Movement!


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Jul 20, 2019
Batesville, Indiana
I was browsing eBay a few days ago an came across this gorgeous Seiko watch with a Perpetual Calendar. I had never seen one, and fell in love instantly. It was listed "For Parts or Repair" so I figured my mentor wouldn't have an issue getting it going again for me. It looked near mint and the price was amazing, so I bid and won. When it arrived I wanted to see what condition the movement was in, so I unscrewed the back only to find that there was no movement at all. It's a sample watch. I might have missed that in the description, but I think I would have noticed that. So for the past few days I have searched everywhere looking for a 8F56-0021 movement, but they seem impossible to find. There was one on eBay but it was incomplete and in pieces. IF anyone out there knows where I can find a 8F56-0021 movement to put in this watch, please let me know! I would really hate to have to part this out, but if I can't find a movement, I will and i'll put the money towards a used Seiko perpetual calendar watch, but i'm really hoping it won't come to that, I would love to save this one.

I will be getting hundreds of NOS Speidel bands, all different sizes and materials, and over a dozen boxes of various watch and clock parts this Saturday, so if trading is your thing, I might have just what you're looking for. Besides the bands, I have no idea what kind of parts will be in those boxes, so if you can help me with this movement, let me know what parts you want/need and we'll find out on Saturday if I can help. I know that's an unusual way to go about things, but you never know, so I thought i'd mention it. If trading isn't your thing, I can always buy it! Thanks for reading everyone! 20200923_062126.jpg 20200923_062510.jpg 20200923_062907.jpg