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Jul 30, 2014
The Cotswolds

I've not been on for a long time, but finally starting to try and repair a few more of my clocks, so thought I'd say hi and ask for some guidance on this one.

This platform escapement came from a clock my grandparents owned, and gave to me about 35 years ago. As it didn't run, I had always planned to chuck a quartz in it when i was a kid, but never got round to it. I've taken the movement out, and aside from the platform escapement, it looks to be in generally good shape, if a little dirty.

There are some obvious problems - the balance staff is broken (excuse the fuzzy pic - best i could do with my phone and a loupe over the lens) and the jewel at one end of the escape wheel staff is missing.

Apologies if I'm just being thick, but i can't figure out how the balance and escape wheels on this interact with each other. I assumed there should be a pallet fork somewhere, but I can't work out where it was supposed to mount :?| Or is it the cup shaped part of the balance staff that interacts with the escape wheel?

20230228_173204.jpg 20230228_173243.jpg 20230228_173300.jpg 20230228_173500.jpg 20230228_180222.jpg 20230301_005139.jpg


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Oct 19, 2010
Hampton, Georgia
You have a Cylinder escapement. You will probably have to get a new platform because it looks like it is broken beyond reasonable repair. When it was new it was not a good timekeeper. Picture number 1 shows what takes place of a pf&a (pallet, fork, and arbor). The platforms available are lever escapements. They are seldom ever a plug and play, usually needing new mounting holes to be made and threaded The hairspring is badly bent out but is quite repairable.
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