Philipp Hauck (PH) 400-day Clock from York National PART 1

Discussion in '400-Day & Atmos' started by mauleg, Aug 15, 2018.

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    While at the Annual Convention Mart this year, I had the privilege to meet, converse with and buy a clock from John Hubby. John had a large selection of excellent 400-day clocks, many or which were in pristine condition. Predictably, however, like the tree in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” the one that caught my eye was the one that was in need of TLC.

    The fact that it needed work, however, was not the only compelling feature. There was also the fact that it had the thickest plates I’ve ever seen on a 400-day clock and other components to match.

    John gave me a great deal on the clock and generously offered to ship it; an offer that was most appreciated, as we had many, many plane rides ahead of us to get home. Thanks, John!

    Backstory done, this post is a restoration blog for this late 1912 Philipp Hauck (PH) 400-day clock.

    Photos of the clock before restoration, during disassembly:

    The base is a “sandwich” of wood, a single steel plate and surprisingly thin brass, given the construction of the rest of the clock. The brass of the main pedestal was easily deformed with moderate thumb pressure:

    The steel plate, column bolts and nuts and pendulum weight spindle were badly rusted:
    20180811_111918.jpg 20180811_111941.jpg

    The thin brass of the base was tarnished and had residual polish:

    The movement was greasy and dusty:

    20180811_210117.jpg 20180811_210814.jpg

    Once I had it apart, I found the mainspring to be quite rusty with rust coating the inside of the barrel:
    20180812_193104.jpg 20180812_193509.jpg

    See the next post: Photos of the clock during the restoration process and afterwards.

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