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Paul Buhre


Mike Kearney

When we get questions like this, I reach for Kathleen Pritchard's "Swiss Timepiece Makers 1775-1975", a two volume set of books, probably 2000 pages in all. Kathy's a long time NAWCC member who has documented the history of what must be thousands of Swiss makers. The books aren't inexpensive, I think I paid $125. for the set, but there's just so much good stuff stuff in them that once you've used them for a while you just wouldn't part with them for anything. Thanks, Kathy.

Paul Buhre is one of the pioneers who brought Swiss watchmaking to St. Petersburg, Russia in 1815. He had firms in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and became the official purveyor to the Imperial Court. Because of the demand, he built a factory in Le Locle in 1815. After the Russian revolution of 1917, Buhre had to find other markets. Paul Buhre watches were sold in Europe, but I don't see them listed in the Bestfit, Swartchild or Marshall parts manuals so I guess they didn't have a big impact in the US.

The RotoDatoR appeared in advertising in about 1950 and was sold throughout the 1950's.

If you search google for Paul Buhre you will get a little more history and find a watch shop in Russia named after him.

Hope that helps.


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